Has your battery gone flat in your car?
You don’t want to buy a new one?
We have a solution!

In case your battery has gone flat or is just weak, we will replace it with a working one after delivery to the spot. The replaced battery will be refurbished and reinstalled two days later at our site.

The refurbished battery is to be diagnosed and will be issued with a certificate along with a three-month warranty.

Excluded batteries include shorted ones that can not be fixed.

Cost of service:

up to 52 AH: 13,000HUF

13 000 HUF converts to 35 EUR

over 52 AH: 15,000HUF

15 000 HUF converts to 40 EUR

The price does not include delivery, field work, the two-time fixing costs, refurbishment and the fee of the use of the temporary battery.

Hívjon !